NorthStar Alarm Reviews from New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tucked away in the Southwest of the United States, New Mexico is home to 2 million people. NorthStar Alarm is a proud provider of home security systems the residents of New Mexico. We love New Mexico so much we want it to be safe for everyone to live there. That’s why we’ve established industry leading standards to protect our customers and their families.What industry leading standards? Well, we’ve secured state of the art technology, we have a 24-7 home monitoring system, one of the fastest response times in the home security industry, and our superior customer service. It’s because of our belief that your home should be comfortable and safe that we care so much.
We love to hear stories about people and their NorthStar Alarm systems. Here are some local residents and their reviews of their NorthStar Alarm system. Check out their reviews of our service and see for yourselves how we’re doing. We think we’re doing pretty well, do you?

I am passing the word to all my pals, you should get more folks asking for NorthStar in our area. –Robert

I am very happy with the quality of service Northstar has given me. Eric the salesman was great, We had a great rapport. He was professional yet down to earth and easy to talk to. Matt the service tech was also great helped understand my security system and has helped by phone work out problem I had with camera. All of the people that I have come in contact with at Northstar have been friendly and understanding especially when I set alarm off accidentally. Since I had my security system put in I have slept better and feel more confident leaving my home alone. Overall the service, people, and sense of security have been outstanding. I tell everyone I come in contact with about the service, and how much better I feel having Northstar in my home. Keep up the good work! –Nickolas

The staff of Northstar who signed me up and the person who connected me to your system were very knowledgeable and efficient. –Marian

Your team was very fast, efficient, and your equipment is the best!! Thank you for updating our system! –Shelia

JD Meacham has been wonderful to work with. He is very professional and knowledgeable with the products that your company has to offer. – Gloria